Holodomor 2003

Genocide, defined as a planed systematic destruction of a group of peoples. On Sunday, November 9, 2003, at St. Andrew Ukrainian Catholic Church of Sacramento, California, the people had an opportunity to learn about the HOLODOMOR-GENOCIDE in Ukraine seventy years ago, 1932-33.

Commemoration commenced right after 4:00 pm Liturgy followed by a Panahyda celebrated by Fr. Valeriy Kandyuk under the Commemorating Cross constructed on the church property by parishioners My haylo and Stepan Koltutskiy, brothers, and Ivan Lorczak. The Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California paid for the materials and the secretary of the club Mykola Bilous initiated the idea.

After the Panahyda, Halyna Lorczak, cantor of St. Andrew Church, read a statement about the Holodomor prepared by Mr. Bohdan Storozuk - a long time parishioner of St. Andrew's parish.

Following this the people retired to the parish center where a Holodomor display was set up by the Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California and the cultural program continued. The program was opened by President of the Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California, Mr. Yuriy Olinyk.

A pretty teenager, Miss Oksana Heletiuk, read clearly and distinctly a poem, followed by the Poem about Holodomor written by Mykola Rudenko and read by Halyna Lorczak, Ola Herasymenko-Oliynyk and Mr. Mykola Bilous.


Oksana Herasymenko, a visiting bandurist from Ukraine, concluded the program with Ukrainian songs.

Present to commemorate this event were 48+ people. This in spite of a late beginning, 4:00 PM, on a Sunday afternoon festooned with rain, winds and a couple of tornados in the area.

by Alex Kachmar