Koliada 2004 - Vertep

Our caroling started at Sokolovych's home - Angel Ola, Sheep Halya and Shepherd Ivan. January 7, 2004. Fair Oaks.   Then we went to our Fr. Petro. At this time we got three kings: Mykola, Oleh and Ivan, Shepherd Halya, two angels: Ola and Lesya, little devil Rostyk and the grimm rieper Taras. Florin Road Area.
And then we went to Ukrainian Radio Program to greet all Ukrainians in Sacramento.   From the radio station we went to Antelope area. First were Mykhailyshyny, then - see next photo...
We are at hospitable home of Mr & Mrs. V. Shevchyk.
After them - again to Antelope area to home of Mr. & Mrs. Yaskevych.
  Next day, January 8, we went to Rancho Cordova area, and then to Rocklin - to Chumaks' house. We already had Zvizdar Michael, 2 angels, one sheep, one shepherd, and three kings.
On January 9, 2004 we went to Markiv house, where picked up two young bandurists Olenka and Irynka. New King - Edward.   From them we went to their neighbours - Shevchyks' Junior home.
Then we went to Buvanyk's house. We had gread time!   Then we tried to find out the Symoshyn house, but without success, and went to Geletyuk's house.
Vadym became a new King and we went to Mr. & Mrs. Hagens' house.   We are gathering together on January 13 - Ukrainian New Year to go "shchedruvaty" - meeting in Angel Ola's house.
Our last day - three kings: Stepan, Oleh and Ivan, two angels: Lesya nad Ola, Shepherd Halia and Sheep Halyna, and two creatures: Rostyk and Taras.   First we went "shecruvaty" to Kachmar's house..
Then we went to Kokhany's family   And the last house was Giraks'. It was nice!